Security and Trust Management Working Group

ERCIM WG STM Best Ph.D. Thesis Award

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2023

Title: Analysis and Design of Security Mechanisms in the Context of Advanced Persistent Threats Against Critical Infrastructures.
Awardee: Juan Enrique Rubio Cortés
University: University of Malaga
Advisors: Prof. Javier López Muñoz and Prof. María Cristina Alcaraz Tello

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2022

Title: Input Secrecy & Output Privacy: Efficient Secure Computation of Differential Privacy Mechanisms.
Awardee: Jonas Böhler
Advisors: Prof. Dr. Jörn Müller-Quade and Prof. Dr. Florian Kerschbaum

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2021

Title: Microarchitectural Side-Channel Attacks for Privileged Software Adversaries.
Awardee: Jo Van Bulck
University: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)
Advisors: Prof. Frank Piessens

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2020

Title: Computational and Symbolic Analysis of Distance-Bounding Protocols.
Awardee: Jorge Toro Pozo
University: Univ. of Luxembourg, currently affiliated with ETH Zurich
Advisors: Sjouke Mauw (Univ. of Luxembourg) and Rolando Trujillo (Deakin University)

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2019

Title: Modeling Advanced Security Aspects of Key Exchange and Secure Channel Protocols.
Awardee: Felix Günther
University: TU Darmstadt
Advisors: Marc Fischlin

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2018

Title: From security to localization: advanced services for large-scale IoT networks.
Awardee: Savio Sciancalepore
Advisors: Gennaro Boggia

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2017

Title: New Security Definitions, Constructions and Applications of Proxy Re-Encryption.
Awardee: David Nunez
University: University of Malaga
Advisors: Isaac Agudo, Javier Lopez

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2016

Title: Security and Privacy Aspects of Mobile Platforms and Applications.
Awardee: Alexandra Dmitrienko
University: TU Darmstadt
Advisors: Michael Waidner and Srdjan Capkun

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2015

Title: Preserving Privacy in Data Release
Awardee: Giovanni Livraga
University: University of Milan
Advisors: Prof. Pierangela Samarati, Prof. Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Dr. Sara Foresti

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2014

Title: On the Insecurity of XML Security
Awardee: Juraj Somorovsky
University: Ruhr-University Bochum
Advisors: Prof. Dr. J'org Schwenk, Prof. Dr. Kenneth G. Paterson.

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2013

Pouyan Sepehrdad, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, supervisor Serge Vaudenay, is the winner of the sixth edition, with a thesis titled: Statistical and Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Lightweight and Ultra-lightweight Symmetric Primitives e-link. The ceremony for the award will be held during STM13.


Best Ph.D. Thesis 2012

Carmela Troncoso, KU Leuven, supervisors Claudia Diaz and Bart Preneel, is the winner of the fifth edition, with a thesis titled Design and analysis methods for privacy technologies.


Best Ph.D. Thesis 2011

Georg Fuchsbauer, University of Bristol, supervisor David Pointcheval (ENS, Paris), is the winner of the fourth edition, with a thesis titled "Automorphic Signatures and Applications" (e-link).

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2010

Sara Foresti, University of Milan, supervisor Pierangela Samarati, is the winner of the third edition, with a thesis titled "Preserving Privacy in Data Outsourcing" (e-link).

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2009

Claudio Agostino Ardagna, University of Milan, supervisor Pierangela Samarati, is the winner of the second edition, with a thesis titled "Privacy and Security in Distributed and Pervasive Systems" (e-link).

Best Ph.D. Thesis 2008

Steven J. Murdoch, University of Cambridge, supervisor Ross Anderson, is the winner of the first edition, with a thesis titled "Covert channel vulnerabilities in anonymity systems" (e-link).