Security and Trust Management Working Group

Aims & Scope

Aims & Scope

The ERCIM Working Group on Security and Trust Management aims at the following goals.



· foundations and applications of security and trust in ICT are investigated. Interactions between trust management and common security issues (e.g., confidentiality, integrity and availability) are studied;
· new areas connected with security management are being identifying and promoting, e.g., the management of dynamic and mobile coalitions such as P2Ps, MANETs, Web/GRID services;
· new areas connected with trust management, e.g., reputation, recommendation and collaboration, are being investigated too;
· a platform for presenting and discussing new trends is being proposed.

Education and dissemination of knowledge.

· a promotion of the growth of young researchers interested in the field of security;
· supports for the organization of meetings related to research issues in security and trust management;
· a forum for exchanging expertise, also with industry;
· the increase of a public awareness towards issues related to information security.

Topics of interest.

· rigorous semantics and computational models for security and trust;
· security and trust management architectures, mechanisms and policies;
· networked systems security;
· privacy and anonymity;
· identity management;
· ICT for securing digital as well as physical assets;
· cryptography.