The conference will be held at the convention centre of the National Research Council (CNR) Area in Pisa. Pisa is a small historical town, world-wide known for the "Torre pendente" (leaning tower), one of the monuments of "Campo dei Miracoli" (field of miracles). With its international Airport, with direct flights (often low cost) with several European cities (such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Munich, Madrid, etc.), it represents a main entrance for visiting Tuscany, with is historical, cultural and natural beauties.

CNR - National Research Council
Area della Ricerca di Pisa
Via G. Moruzzi,1
56124 - ITALY

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How To Reach CNR

Genoa-Rosignano A12: exit Pisa Centro.
A11 Florence-Pisa North: Exit at the junction with A12. Click here to plan your journey, or here to get real-time traffic info.

Florence-Pisa-Livorno, exit Pisa Nord-est for the Area della Ricerca del CNR. Click here to get real-time traffic info

Pisa airport has bus connections to Pisa downtown. BUS LAM ROSSA from the airport to the railway station; from the railway station take BUS LAM VERDE, stop "Volpi - CNR", 50 m from the main entrance to CNR Research Area, time 20 min. Fee Euro 1.00: the ticket must be bought on the ground and is valid for 60 minutes after cancellation.
Timetable for BUS LAM ROSSA is here; timetable for BUS LAM VERDE is here

You can use the taxi service by calling +39 050/541600. Taxi from airport to the CNR Research Area will take about 10-15 mins at 10-15 euro. Duration of trip from the railway station or airport to CNR: 10 minutes. Online booking of taxi can be performed here.

Pisa is directly connected to Genova (2 hours), Florence (1 hour) and Rome (2 hours and half). 2 hop connections are available to Milano (4 hours), Torino (4 hours), Bologna (2 hours) Naples (5 hours). Information on train timetable and ticket fees can be found on the Treni Italia, the national rail service, website here. Pisa Centrale railway station, Piazza della Stazione No. 10 Information Service (Hours: 7 A.M. to 9 P.M) Tel. +39 147888088.

Pisa airport has connection with major European cities and Italian hubs. You can find main connections on the Pisa airport web site. Airport Galileo Galilei, v. dell'Aeroporto, tel. +39 050-849111 (flight information +39 050-849300).

About Pisa

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