Important Note:

Block of rooms reserved for Esorics till 20th August

September 10-14 in Pisa is a high-season week, and due to other concurrent events, the availability of hotel rooms is already very limited. It is thus warmly recommended to book a hotel room as soon as possible. In particular, we allocated till August 20th a block of rooms in B&B Hotel Pisa-Accademia ( situated in the outskirts of Pisa. A bus transfer service is planned to reach the CNR conference venue. We recommend you to book this hotel. The rates are rather cheap for Pisa in that period of the year: 55 (single) / 59 (double) EUROs including breakfast – sojourn taxes excluded.

To book the B&B Hotel Pisa-Accademia using the ESORICS rates please fill this form and either fax or email to +39 050 988 182 /

If you prefer you can find below a set of hotels in Pisa (also you might wish to try with common on-line booking services). Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance at

Hotels near CNR

S. Croce in Fossabanda [3 stars hotel]

Address: Santa Croce 11, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-970911
Note: the Hotel is an ancient monastery, therefore please check room facilities before booking: some rooms have shared facilities.

Repubblica Marinara [4 stars hotel]

Address: Via Matteucci, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-3870100

Hotel Verdi [3 stars hotel]

Address: Piazza della Repubblica 5-6, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050 598.947

Hotels in city centre

Relais dell'Orologio [5 stars hotel]

Address: Via U. della Faggiola 12-14, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-830361

D'Azeglio [4 stars hotel]

Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 18/B, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-500310

Grand'Hotel Bonanno [4 stars hotel]

Address: Via Gabba 17, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-524030

Grand'Hotel Duomo [4 stars hotel]

Address: Via Santa Maria 94, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-561894

Jolly Hotel Cavalieri [4 stars hotel]

Address: Piazza della Stazione 2, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-43290

Alessandro della Spina [3 stars hotel]

Address: Via Alessandro della Spina 5-7-9, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-502777

Hotel Ariston [3 stars hotel]

Address: Via Cardinale Maffi 42, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-561834
Note: really close to the tower

Hotel Bologna [4 stars hotel]

Address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini 57, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-502120

Hotel Di Stefano [3 stars hotel]

Address: Via Santa Apollonia 35, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-553559

Europa Park Hotel [3 stars hotel]

Address: Via Andrea Pisano 23, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-500732

Hotel Francesco[3 stars hotel]

Address: Via Santa Maria 129, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-555453

Giardino Hotel[3 stars hotel]

Address: Piazza Daniele Manin 1, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-562101

Hotel La Pace[3 stars hotel]

Address: Viale Antonio Gramsci Gall. B, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-29351

HOTEL AC 10 Pisa [4 stars hotel]

Address: Via delle Torri, Pisa
Tel: (0039) 050-575395
Note: far from the city centre


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