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The iTrust international Conference looks at trust from multidisciplinary perspectives: economic, legal, psychology, philosophy, sociology as well as information technology.

Building upon the work of the IST iTrust working group (http://www.itrust.uoc.gr) and the success of the three previous iTrust International conferences, the aims of iTrust'2006 are to attract a critical mass of experts from industry, government and academia with a keen interest in the area of trust management.

The objectives of the Conference are:

  • To facilitate the cross-disciplinary investigation of fundamental issues underpinning computational trust models by bringing together expertise from technology oriented sciences, law, philosophy and social sciences.
  • To facilitate the emergence of widely acceptable trust management processes for dynamic open systems and applications.
  • To facilitate the development of new paradigms in the area of dynamic open systems which effectively utilize computational trust models.
  • To facilitate the integration of new trust management paradigms and emerging architectures for Grid computing and Virtual Organizations.
  • To help the incorporation of trust management elements in existing standards.

Topics of Interest :

Full technical papers contributing to the issue of trust management are solicited in the relevant areas, including but not limited to:

  • The legal notion of trust in computer science and engineering
  • Requirements and methodologies to ensure that the user can reasonably trust the functioning of software systems
  • Trust management frameworks for secure collaborations in dynamic Virtual Organisations
  • Design of trust-based architectures and decision-making mechanisms for e-community and e-service interactions
  • Trust specification, analysis and reasoning
  • Dynamics of trust dispositions and relations
  • Realization of prototypes of software architectures and applications
  • Trust elements in contract negotiation, execution monitoring, re-negotiation and arbitration
  • Legal contribution to trust in technological infrastructures and interactions: the on-line identification of subjects, the evaluation of their reliability, data protection, security, privacy and, confidentiality, commercial transactions, the resolution of disputes, software agents, and management of access to source code
  • Trust in interaction and cooperation mediated through computer and network, and the balance of control and intervention
  • Research in on-line trust, the trust of the consumer towards the web sites of distribution companies
  • Analysis of the relationship between trust and such notions as Confidence, distrust, diffidence, expectation, risk, and reliance

Important Dates

Submission of papers:
Notification of paper acceptance:
Submission of final camera ready version:

November 29, 2005 (Extended)
January 13, 2006
February 25, 2006 (Extended)

Submissions must be original and must not have been submitted for publication elsewhere. Submission will be through the web. Go to Submission Page

The proceedings of the Conference will be published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/ series. Submissions must be in English and authors should ensure that papers are formatted according to the LNCS format (see author's instructions given on http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html). Full technical papers should not exceed 15 pages in the abovementioned format.

Contact:     itrust06@iit.cnr.it

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