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Accepted Papers

Suroop Mohan Chandran
Korporn Panyim
James B. D. Joshi
A Requirements-Driven Trust Framework for Secure Interoperation in Open Environments
Gert Jan Hofstede
Catholijn M. Jonker
Sebastiaan Meijer
Tim Verwaart
Modelling Trade and Trust across Culture
Dag Elgesem Normative structures in trust management
Xiaoqing Zheng
Zhaohui Wu
Huajun Chen
A Scalable Probabilistic Approach to Trust Evaluation
Christian D. Jensen
Paul O Connell
Trust-Based Route Selection in Dynamic Source Routing
Jennifer Golbeck Generating Predictive Movie Recommendations using Trust in Social Networks
Karl Quinn
Dave Lewis
Declan O Sullivan
Vincent Wade
The Design, Generation, and Utilisation of a Semantically Rich Personalised Model of Trust
Audun Josang
Stephen Marsh
Simon Pope
Exploring Different Types of Trust Propagation
Daniele Quercia
Stephen Hailes
Licia Capra
B-trust: Bayesian Trust Framework for Pervasive Computing
Siv Hilde Houmb
Indrakshi Ray
Indrajit Ray
Estimating the Relative Trustworthiness of Information Sources in Security Solution Evaluation
Daniele Quercia
Licia Capra
Stephen Hailes
Towards anonymous trusted interactions
Colin English
Sotirios Terzis
Gathering Experience in Trust-based Interactions
Giovanni Sartor Privacy, reputation, and trust: implications for data protection
Peter Herrmann Temporal Logic-Based Specification and Verification of Trust Models
Jonathan Traupman
Robert Wilensky
Robust Reputations for Peer-to-peer Marketplaces
Florian Kerschbaum
Jochen Haller
Yuecel Karabulut
Philip Robinson
PathTrust: A Trust-Based Reputation Service for Virtual Organization Formation
Jacek Jonczy
Rolf Haenni
Implementing Credential Networks
Vidyaraman Sankaranarayanan
Shambhu Upadhyaya
A Trust Assignment Model based on Alternate Actions Payoff
Kouki Yonezawa A Novel Protocol for Communicating Reputation in P2P Networks
Christoph Sorge
Martina Zitterbart
A Reputation-Based System for Confidentiality Modeling in Peer-To-Peer Networks
Evangelos Kotsovinos
Petros Zerfos
Nischal Piratla
Niall Cameron
Sachin Agarwal
Jiminy: A scalable incentive-based architecture for improving rating quality
Mehran Ahsant
Mike Surridge
Thomas Leonard
Ananth Krishna
Olle Mulmo
Dynamic Trust Federation in Grids
Tomas Klos
Han La PoutrÚ
A Versatile Approach to Combining Trust Values for Making Binary Decisions
Wolter Pieters Acceptance of voting technology: between confidence and trust
Asimina Vasalou
Jeremy Pitt
Guillaume Piolle
From theory to practice: offering forgiveness as a way to repair online conflicts in CMC
Noria Foukia
Li Zhou
Clifford Neuman
Multilateral Decisions for Collaborative Defense Against Unsolicited Bulk E-mail
Cristiano Castelfranchi
Rino Falcone
Francesca Marzo
Being Trusted in a Social Network: Trust as Relational Capital
Siani Pearson Towards Automated Evaluation of Trust Constraints
Adam J. Lee
Marianne Winslett
Virtual Fingerprinting as a Foundation for Reputation in Open Systems
Siani Pearson
Marco Casassa Mont
Provision of Trusted Identity Management using Trust Credentials

Accepted Demos

Evangelos Kotsovinos
Petros Zerfos
Nischal Piratla
Niall Cameron
Jiminy: A scalable incentive-based architecture for improving rating quality
Laurent Gomez
Ulrich Jansen
Trust Establishment in Emergency Case
Jacek Jonczy Evaluating Trust and Authenticity with Caution
Philipp Obreiter
Birgitta K─onig-Ries
The Interactive Cooperation Tournament. How to Identify Opportunities for Selfish Behavior of Computational Entities1
Karen K. Fullam
Tomas Klos
Guillaume Muller
Jordi Sabater-Mir
K. Suzanne Barber
Laurent Vercouter
The Agent Reputation and Trust (ART) Testbed
Adam J. Lee
Marianne Winslett
Jim Basney
Von Welch
Traust: A Trust Negotiation Based Authorization Service
Judith E. Y. Rosseb°
Scott Cadzow
Paul Sijben
eTVRA, a threat, vulnerability and risk assessment tool for eEurope

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